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28thof December, 2017, my brother who is a banker over took a trailer and because of that, the driver was angry at his act and drove fast and almost hitting him off the road he eventually found himself under this same moving trailer. That same time I was led by the Holy Spirit to praise God the way I do at work.  When I get off work I saw a post on my Facebook page from this same brother of mine thanking God for saving him for untimely death. I quickly called him, then he said he lost hope and one spirit said it’s all over and another said what if I create a small escape route for you? He was instructed to get hold of the steering he almost want to let go and close his eyes for the final minute to come and a taxi was busy dropping of passengers and he said he did not want to kill innocent soul instead let him go and there and then God stepped in and opened a way for him and today he is alive.

Sunday Akinola


I became worried in my spirit to organize a family prayer and fasting which interestingly was our week of spiritual emphasis that month. We did fasted and prayed and I crowned it up with prayers as the eldest. My younger brother who work on cars woke up one morning and found out that a goat was buried alive in his shop and by the grace and leading of God, did not touch the goat with his bare hand and would have led to paralyses if he had touched the goat with his hands according to his pastor. He left and called few of his colleagues to ask but none knew how it happened and to his surprise the goat was nowhere to be found the following morning.

I thank God that he silenced the devil and his cohorts in the life of my younger brothers.

Sunday Akinola

“Forty-five years ago, when I was in the primary school, I had a wound on my leg while I was playing football.

Since then, I had been to several hospitals and places looking for solution to this wound, but there was none.

During the last Anointing Service,I pulled off my shoes and placed my legs on the floor of the sanctuary. As the bishop was praying, he said that the anointing would work for everybody and it would wipe away every sickness in our bodies. I believed it!

By the time I robbed the anointing oil on my leg and I checked it, I noticed that the wound has gone!”

Luke, K

“Last Saturday, I was involved in a fatal accident with my car. All I could remember was the ejection of the airbag when the accident occurred.

 I was taken to Badagry Hospital, where the doctor confirmed me dead, because he didn’t feel my pulse. 

After three hours of being lifeless, I suddenly felt my wife applying the anointing oil on my feet!When I got up, I told them that I could not stay overnight in the midst of dead bodies!

Judging by the scene of the accident, nobody would believe that I could sleep in my house that night. I give glory to the God of this Commission for bringing me back to life!”

Oguntoyinbo Oladele


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  1. Your path shall continue to shine more and more in all areas of your life
  2. Things that eyes have not seen nor ears heard shall become the order of the day in your life
  3. The plan of the wicked against your advancement in life shall continue to come to naught 
  4. You have been redeemed to live a sickness-free life and so shall it be for you
  5. Every dying or dead part of your body, bounces back to fullness of life and shall remain so for life
  6. You shall be stepping into your wealthy place from this time forth
  7. 2018 shall still be your year of showers of blessings
  8. From henceforth, the Lord shall continue to show you the way forward at every point in your journey
  9. You shall not suffer anymore set back in your life
  10. No blessing of the Lord shall ever be reverted in your life anymore
  11. You shall continue to experience the hand of the  God of speed in every area of your life
  12. You shall no more be a subject of pity among men, but all men shall continue to envy the hand of God upon your life

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